Dry Type Air Core Reactors

Laxmi Electronics specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of Dry Type Air Core Reactors for electrical power systems. Our range of Dry Type Air Core Reactors encompasses Balancing Reactor, Current Limiting Reactor, Filter Reactor, Neutral Earthing Reactor, Parallel Reactor, Shunt Reactor, Smoothing Reactor, Split Reactor, Starting Reactor and Thyristor Controlled Reactor. All the Dry Type Air Core Reactors are designed and manufactured as per customer requirement and their application. These Dry Type Air Core Reactors are suitable for indoor and outdoor application. Depending on space available, we design and manufacture Dry Type Air Core Reactors suitable for side by side mounting or vertical sack mounting. We also supply reactors with Enclosure. We are capable of meeting the bulk & urgent product requirements of our clients, making the Reactors that suit specific needs of industrial applications. The Dry Type Air Core Reactors, offered by us, are competitively priced and are engineered using the latest machines and tools.

Technical Information

  • Reactor coils are cylindrically wound, and designed in Single layer and multi layer
  • Reactor Coils are designed using insulated Aluminium / Copper conductor as per customer requirement
  • Resin impregnated, suitable for indoor and outdoor application
  • Strong resistance to climatic conditions and long service life
  • Aluminium spider clamps and fiber glass rods are used for mechanical strength
  • Aluminium flat terminals are provided for electrical connection
  • The Reactor Coil assembly is suitably mounted on support Insulator as per design
  • Winding Insulation confirming to Class ‘F’
  • Cooling type AN (Air Natural)
  • Vertical stack or horizontal side by side mounting as per customer requirement
  • Confirming to IS 5553 / IEC - 60289 standards or any other standard as per customer requirement
  • Color: Pale turquoise, RAL 6034
  • All the reactors are tested for Routine Tests in house as per IS 5553 / IEC - 60289 standard

Given below are the details required to be submitted with inquiries / orders

  • System Voltage (kV)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Continuous Current (A)
  • Reactance / Inductance (Ohms/ Microhenries)
  • Basic Impulse Level (kV)
  • Short Circuit Levels (kA) – Time Duration (Sec)
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Three phase, side by side mounting or vertical stack mounting
  • Dimensional Limitations if any
  • Number of Units
  • Location – Indoor/ Outdoor


Our manufacturing unit is facilitated by advanced machines to design the Dry Types Air Core Reactors with precision.

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